WhatsApp features: Silence Unknown Callers, Privacy Checkup

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WhatsApp continues to prioritize user privacy with the introduction of two significant features: Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup.

WhatsApp is rolling End-to-end encryption, Chat Lock, Disappearing Messages, screenshot blocking for View Once, and the ability to mask your online presence.

With an increasingly connected world, handling unwelcome interruptions becomes crucial, and that’s where the new Silence Unknown Callers feature steps in.

It helps filter out potential spam or scam calls, as well as calls from unknown numbers, enhancing your control and privacy.

Don’t worry about missing out on important calls, though.

While these calls won’t ring on your phone, they will still be visible in your Call list for your perusal.

WhatsApp isn’t just introducing new features, it’s also promoting the use of its existing privacy tools. Enter Privacy Checkup, a feature designed to guide users through the platform’s various privacy settings to help them make informed choices.

To begin the checkup, you simply need to select ‘Start checkup’ in your Privacy settings, and you’ll be navigated through multiple privacy layers that further safeguard your messages, calls, and personal information.

WhatsApp knows how vital a secure platform is for open communication. With this in mind, the company is launching a global initiative, encouraging users to check in with each other privately.

This movement aims to reiterate the importance of secure spaces for conversations, reinforcing the fact that WhatsApp provides a safe environment for friends and loved ones to connect.

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