Appliance company caters to load-shedding sufferers with solar-powered fridge

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Defy fridge
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In response to South Africa’s ongoing energy challenges, Defy Appliances, a prominent manufacturer of household appliances, has introduced a new line of Solar Off-Grid refrigerators and freezers.

The aim is to address the persistent issue of food spoilage during power outages and reduce associated economic losses.

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The country has experienced significant financial setbacks due to food wastage caused by load shedding, with losses amounting to millions of rands. Defy’s latest initiative seeks to mitigate these losses by providing a reliable refrigeration solution independent of the electrical grid.

The Solar Off-Grid range operates using solar energy and battery integration, allowing it to function continuously without relying on conventional power sources.

Fresh, even through load shedding

This setup ensures that perishable goods remain fresh even during extended periods of load shedding. The appliances seamlessly switch between solar power during the day and battery power at night, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

One notable feature of the solar-powered fridges is their ability to maintain food freshness for up to three days without access to the grid. While the technology represents a premium option, Defy emphasizes its affordability, with the Solar Off-Grid fridge priced at R9 999 and the freezer at R8 999. However, it’s important to note that the cost does not include solar panels or batteries for energy storage.

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Across Africa

Defy Appliances has also announced plans to expand the availability of its solar-powered refrigeration technology beyond South Africa, with ambitions to introduce it across the African continent. This move aims to address energy challenges prevalent in various regions and provide sustainable solutions to consumers.

The introduction of Defy’s Solar Off-Grid fridge and freezer range represents a significant step towards addressing energy shortages and promoting sustainability in the appliance industry. With its innovative approach to tackling food wastage and enhancing energy resilience, Defy Appliances is poised to make a meaningful impact in the region and beyond.

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