WATCH LIVE: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 in Paris

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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024

Samsung’s about to unleash its latest tech goodies at the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event in Paris today. Why Paris, you ask? Well, it seems Samsung’s got Olympics fever, being a major sponsor and all.

As sure as the Eiffel Tower stands tall, Samsung’s foldables will be the stars of the show.

WATCH: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024

If you’re based in South Africa, tune in today (Wednesday, 10 July) at 3pm local time.

That’s at 6am if you’re in Pacific Time, 9am Eastern Time, or 1pm Central . ET/1 p.m. Central European time.

NOTE: The stream above is still dormant. Refresh the page closer to the time.

Follow all the Galaxy Unpacked announcements below, we’ll update section throughout the Event.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024: What to expect

The event will be packed (see what we did there?) with all things Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip 6. As well as a good dose of AI as the mobile giants unveils Galaxy AI.

No event would be notable without a bunch of Samsung accessories. We’re talking Galaxy Buds (which might get a re-design), while the Galaxy Watch 7 is set to feature new a new BioActive sensor.

There’s also been talk about the Galaxy Ring. Remember the teaser from the last Unpacked event? Here’s a refresher:

Here’s what you could look forward to, today:

Samsung foldables take center stage

We’re talking about the new Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip 6. Word on the street is that these bendy beauties will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 processor, promising some serious oomph under the hood.

The Fold 6 is rumored to be getting a makeover, with a slimmer, lighter design and a tweaked aspect ratio. Meanwhile, the Flip might be flipping out with a brighter screen and a beefier battery.

As reported by TechCrunch, Samsung’s commitment to foldables has “changed a lot of minds over the last several years,” proving that these flexible phones are here to stay.

Galaxy AI: The buzzword that keeps on buzzing

Get ready for a healthy dose of AI talk.

Samsung’s likely to showcase some nifty new camera features and maybe even spill the beans on how Galaxy AI will stand out from the crowd of Gemini-powered Android devices.

Will we see a translation feature for WhatsApp? Only time will tell!

The Galaxy ring of power

Remember that teaser for the Galaxy Ring at the last Unpacked?

Well, it’s time for Samsung to put a ring on it – literally.

We’re expecting concrete details on this new wearable, including a release date and price. Rumor has it we’re looking at around $300, putting it in the same ballpark as the Oura Ring.

Accessories galore at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024

It wouldn’t be a Samsung event without some new earbuds and smartwatches, right?

As mentioned, the Galaxy Buds might be getting a stem-like redesign. And let’s not forget the Galaxy Watch 7! It’s getting new sensors for even more precise health insights.

So, whether you’re a foldable fanatic, an AI enthusiast, or just curious about what Samsung’s cooking up, this Unpacked event is the one you really don’t want to miss.

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