‘Helldivers 2’ leak reveals new Orbital Flare stratagem

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Helldivers 2 new orbital flare stratagem
Helldivers 2 new orbital flare stratagem

Hold onto your helmets, Super Earth citizens! A juicy leak has just dropped about Helldivers 2, and it’s got us all buzzing with excitement.

Word on the street is that a new stratagem called the Orbital Flare is coming our way, and it’s set to light up our lives – quite literally.

Helldivers 2: What’s the buzz?

According to our sneaky leaker friend Tier5NPC, this new stratagem will unleash a beam of blue light that’ll have bugs and bots alike flocking to it like moths to a flame.

It’s like a cosmic disco ball, but instead of dancing, you’ll be dishing out democracy!

The Orbital Flare apparently lasts for a solid 25-30 seconds, giving you plenty of time to set up a welcoming committee for your unwitting guests.

Better look at the Orbital Flare
byu/Tier5NPC inHellDiversLeaks

And the best part?

It’s got unlimited uses!

That’s right, you can throw as many space raves as your heart desires, with just a 30-second cooldown between each one.

But wait, there’s more!

Now, before you get too excited, remember that this stratagem isn’t going to turn you into a one-person army.

It won’t boost your damage or give you any fancy buffs.

helldivers 2 new strategetm orbital illumination flare

But what it will do is light up those pesky dark areas and hold enemy attention for a bit. It’s like having your very own celestial spotlight operator!

The Helldivers community speaks

Meanwhile, the Helldivers community has been busy dreaming up their own stratagem ideas.

Some folks are calling for a buff to the Eagle 500kg bomb, wanting it to pack more of a punch against those heavily armored targets.

Others are getting all patriotic, suggesting a Super Earth Flag stratagem that boosts morale and provides temporary stat bonuses. Imagine planting that flag and watching your teammates get a surge of democracy-fueled power!

What’s next for ‘Helldivers 2’?

As always with leaks, take this info with a grain of salt. The devs at Arrowhead might still tweak the Orbital Flare before it officially drops into our laps.

But one thing’s for sure – the future of Helldivers 2 is looking bright, both figuratively and literally!

So, gear up, Helldivers!

Whether you’re lighting up the battlefield with the Orbital Flare or waving the Super Earth Flag high, remember:

The only good bug is a dead bug, and the only good bot is… well, you know the rest.

Spread managed democracy!

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